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Bearbeitet von Dream Of Joy: 11/1/2019 6:46:43 PM

My own exotic rework ideas

So there are some obviously dead exotics, im not one for metas too much and its not because im too good for them they just dont feel authentic after awhile. So i tend to try and pair new weapons with seemingly dead exotics so I can see if there is any unique synergy that adds some fun to the game. Be that as it may some exotics still just do not function well no matter how you use them. So I have thought of some reworks, while all of these are not walks in the park especially from programming to balancing I thought I might as well try and see if something sticks. [b]WARLOCK EXOTICS[/b] Seeing as how I main warlock of course this would be first on the list. Vesper of Radius so the rework would be add a on screen proc that tells when you are getting the increased rift regen, make it so either the more enemies are near the bigger the pulse, or activating the rift it leaves behind a pulse grenade or whatever stationary grenade your class Is using, (vortex, solar) or turn the guardian into a walking pulse grenade that does less damage but decent knockback. The Stag Upon being critically wounded auto drop a small short lasting healing rift where you stand (no animation), only drops this if you have rift energy to begin with and if you do this action consumes half of your rift energy. If you don't it gives rift energy, and still leaves a healing rift on your corpse. Winter's Guile While this is fun in theory warlock melees are pretty underpowered and going on a rampage with your palm does not always work considering there is only one melee in the game that after getting a melee kill would refill your health (if you don't have a charge) and that's devour, otherwise you are putting yourself into a tough position. Titans have a similar exotic but they also have a lot of class where going on a melee spree can regen health but also help with a chaotic neutral game. Rework is to add a burn (Felwinters Freeze) the more melee kills you get the greater the burn and if enemies die to the burn it counts towards your stack. Claws of Ahamkara Turn the second melee charge into a claw attack, a double melee button combo. Sanguine Alchemy Change the rift into a screen effect known as Alchemic Vision. On popping "rift" your screen becomes red and veiny but you get the ability to trace enemies and see through walls for a short time, the screen effect is for balance just like riskrunner and allies that are behind your or near you also receive the truesight, but the kicker is they also get the visual corruption whether they like it or not... having them near would increase the rift time, but like I said they might not want to but the corruption does.... Verity's Brow Just increase the ally ability energy regen rate. Aeon Soul [i]BIG ONE[/i] Change the perk name to "Resonance" when in close proximity to allies you either get a certain regen increase, rift grenade barricade dodge etc, or it is a flat ability regen buff for ALL abilities. The closer you are to allies and the more near you the greater the regen. Allies that past by that do not have aeon equipped get a 5 second piggyback buff. Would instantly add rat king aeon synergy. Wings of Sacred Dawn Give top tree two Icarus dashes and bottom tree either a faster and damn near instant phoenix dive that has AoE or a mid air flutter you can activate with jump button (flutter could consume some super energy) Chromatic Fire Decrease explosion delay time or make the radius bigger. Now onto [b]Titans[/b] Actium War Rig Auto Loading Holster for autos and machine guns Mask of the Quiet One Add a on screen blip that tells you that you'll get the maximum health on kill Eternal Warrior Give an overshield to thundercrash on successful landing. Ashen Wake Fusion grenade kills regen put progress toward next fusion grenade Stronghold Increase the speed at which you move while guarding or make it a sprint guard that consumes sword energy when you do so. Khepris Horn When sprinting hold barricade button to shoulder charge into your barricade that spits out the solar blast [i]"I pushed the sun I can push you too"[/i] Would consume barricade energy of course, also make the solar blast damage more impactful Crest of Alpha Lupi Give healing pulse to anyone behind it and make the barricade bigger or just longer in general. MK.44 Stand Asides Make overshield proc faster on sprint, and a little stronger. [b]Hunters (bleh)[/b] Oathkeeper Make it a bow buff, faster reload, draw, stow, ADS everything. MAKE THIS THE BOW BEHOLDER Gemini Jester The more people fooled the more dodge regen Mechaneer's Tricksleeves When critically wounded whenever you swap to your sidearm first shot has increased stability range and of course damage. Alright that is it, please send feedback if you like these let me know!! Thank You.

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