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10/31/2019 12:37:36 AM

Black Armory Frames Dissappearing

If this has been solved, please feel free to redirect. I am a new player as of new light. I am adjusting to the bewildering amount of new information. I began to try and collect exotics to figure out a fun build. I got to the point where I could buy frames from Ada. I jump through all the hoops to prepare the frame (get multi kills, collect radiant seeds or whatever they are called) I get to the step where is says to complete a forge ignition. I run a forge, complete ignition or fail or log off, any of those three outcomes results in the frame being removed from my inventory and the the modulus report showing back up. Mind you, this has happened with the hand cannon frame twice, bow frame twice, auto rifle frame. Anyone else seeing this behavior? or know what I am doing wrong? Do you have to complete a specific forge for each frame? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks, -Stealthy

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