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Clans, Factions, & Reputation

Alright I’m sure there’s tons of opinions on this subject matter, but here’s my take on it. Clans need a rework. The biggest priority would be balancing. Smaller clans that are just a group of friends can find it nearly impossible to rank up their clan in a season - especially if several of them are casual or weekend players. Consider a scaling system similar to Warframe where more members means more XP required to rank up. And tune it down to where a clan of 6-10 could actually max rank in a season - without dedicating 100 of hours of their life. Then make it clear to players that going over a certain number of members will increase the xp needed to rank up. While you’re working on Clans, give us more to do. Perhaps have clan leaderboards assorted by member tier and activity. A place to call our own would be wild but it will probably never happen. Still I can’t help imagining the possibilities ... we could have a giant ship in orbit where we could dock our personal ships; we could claim a lost sector as ours (yeah lots of tweaks to bounty system I know); we could have a new room added to the tower like a clan tavern; we could have the farm converted to a clan space where you can only see other clan members! And finally, please add a selectable clan matchmaking to crucible and gambit (similar to the current solo comp). Where oh where did my factions go Bungie? In D1 I visited my favorite faction on a weekly basis and I always wore my faction exotic. Bring this back to us. Do it please. I want to get weekly bounties from my faction, and pledge to them so I’m locked out of the other faction bounties. I want faction specific rewards available to be earned weekly through bounties and rank up. Faction exotic class items ... bring them back. Tokens and Reputation Tokens are dumb. Just get rid of them. Make it all bounties. If you want vendor specific armor or weapons, grab a bounty that drops that type of legendary. Make them actually challenging perhaps. And always related to what you want. Example: you want the faction scout rifle so you grab the scout bounty and proceed to get scout kills across the system, gather scout specific resources, fight a scout related boss and complete the bounty; or you want a helmet so you grab a helmet bounty, collect resources, defeat a lost sector, do a certain strike on heroic (yes bring heroic back). Let us repeat these bounties as many times as we like, but only the first weapon and armor per week grants xp. Have general bounties similar to now where you have weekly and daily but make them give only rep, xp, bright dust, and or vendor specific resources for crafting. Why do we only have a PVP ranking title system? Reputation needs a rework. All vendors should have a ranking system with titles similar to gambit and crucible: crucible-glory, vanguard-valor, gambit-infamy, new monarchy-royalty, Devrim-survival, etc. Each should have rank up rewards and resets. And that’s all for now. I’m posting QoL change suggestions separately. Thanks!

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