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Bearbeitet von Chewy71: 10/29/2019 2:09:52 AM

PC Migration - Account already migrated - Bungie's Insane Solution

I've been trying to get a response for over 3 weeks right now. I'm not sure what went wrong, however I am getting the #pcmigration.ThisSteamAccountHasAlready## error. The accounts are shown as linked, however it seems that I can't actually activate the cross save. I tried once already to get this issue resolved however my support ticket was rejected by an automated system. I re-linked my accounts and my forum posts had disappeared so I'm reposting my questions. I hope this issue can be resolved soon, but I am losing hope.. I've tried reaching out for help on the forums, through phone calls to Bungie, and on multiple twitter accounts. Their phone lines are all completely dead or have full inboxes. I've looked around the forums and requiring customers to make a new steam account to "fix" this issue is unacceptable. I know that you don't respond to all messages through the support tickets but I am out $40 and have been waiting for a month. Idk if I should try to get a refund through steam but you can't expect customers to just buy it again on a different account. I don't have the kind of money to buy a game twice. But it seems like they really don't care about solving this problem. I live in Bellevue, Washington a short ways away from their headquarters and I have thought about mailing them a letter to see I can get contact information from them. I understand they don't want people showing up at their business so I might try to talk to a local newspaper or gaming site. I'm also going to look into if this is a matter for the Better Business Bureau. Their silence on this matter is very disappointing, I've been a fan of Bungie my whole life, please don't throw our loyalty away Bungie.

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