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Bearbeitet von AbyssRunner4010: 10/23/2019 3:41:25 PM

Allow players to Trade and or sell items for in game materials or other weapons/armor.

there are several things that most MMO players can do that Players here on D2 cannot do, and one of those things is to do in game trades or auctions (used for in game currencies of the players choice but it cannot be too excessive like 1k enhancement cores for a single item) , which would be an amazing For example if someone who had grinded x amount of stacks of enhancement cores and has been grinding for a certain weapon or armor piece (exotics and eververse store items not included) and their friend who has that weapon they want gets another roll that the person with the cores wants, they decide on a reasonable price with several available materials available depending on the quality of said item, this would actually be a good way for hoarders with no luck and the lucky people with three of the same roll or equally good rolls on a single item to make trades for materials they need. This would work really well with the new armor 2.0 system because what you may consider trash someone else may want very much. For example Tom and Jess are playing on the same class atm and tom gets an armor piece that would be perfect for jess's build and she had recently acquired a god role weapon such as a sole survivor with triple tap/fourth times the charm and firing line, but she does not use it that much as she prefers fusion rifles over sniper rifles, Tom then trades the chest piece along with some enhancement cores (he pays for the masterworked item plus a few more for the mod and finders fee lets say 20 to 25 cores) for the sniper rifle that has been masterworked and has backup mag on it. Jess then uses the enhancement materials she has to masterwork this chest piece and they go on their merry way vaporising vex from the face of the moon. this will also come in handy for those who get a multiple pinnacle power weapons as they can pawn off the old one to someone else for a good price. Also the as an addition the items would have to come from similar sources in other words you would have to still trade a pinnacle item for a pinnacle item

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