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Looking for Clan Generals (Both Girls and Boys)

Hello everyone, I'm looking for [b]EIGHT[/b] people to be my clan generals ([b]Boys and Girls[/b]). It can not be everyone though. Check the requirements (Sorted by importance): 1. Being really great at the game. Specially PVP. 2. Loyal (So make your decision before you join). 3. Having a really cool looking character. 4. Literally living in the game. (This is probably the reason I'm creating this group.) 5. Having a creative name. Notes: *As the founder, I'm not really experienced but I am a good leader and a good friend and not available most of the times. So let's say I have my reasons to create this clan. * Head rules are separately announced if you're chosen as one. Clan Name: Profaners [Pros] Thank you all for understanding, or not, I don't care.

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