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[b]Bulletheads Clan is Recruiting! [/b] [u][b]Who we are:[/b] [/u] We are a group of active, friendly Destiny players who enjoy having fun while helping each other. We are an adult clan. However, we don't check IDs. As long as you follow the rules, you will not be removed because of your age. You must act like an adult to be a member. You must be OK with playing Destiny with adults. If your parent(s) or guardian(s) are not OK with you being in an adult clan, you are too young to be a member. To those who are just starting out: No required power level; we know if you are active, you will level up in no time! [u][b]Why we are recruiting:[/b][/u] We never stop recruiting. Founded in February 2018, we're always looking for new active members. We keep our rosters fresh with only members who've played in the last 30 days. Going to be off Destiny over a month? No problem; just let our admins know and we won't remove you. [u][b]What our clan is like:[/b] [/u] Managed by Discord, it's a friendly space to meet like-minded Guardians. We currently have 11 sub-clans with over 800 members. Our helpful staff are always present and available to assist any member with anything that comes up. [b]How to Join:[/b] [u]Steps 3-5 must be completed before you are approved!! [/u] 1. Upvote (like) this post. It will help us find more clanmates for you! 2. Comment on this post to bump it! 3. [u][b]Join the Discord Server:(Required)[/b][/u] Join our Discord Server here!: Joining the Discord server is [b]MANDATORY[/b] for membership. Discord text and voice chat connects multiple sub-clans together for each game and platform. It provides efficient communication for the clans. [u][b]4. Registration and Platform roles:[/b][/u] Once you join the Discord Server your first task is to register with our Destiny bot. Registration is simple: [b]Type !register in the #register-here [/b]channel and follow the instructions in the direct message (DM) sent to you by the Charlemagne bot. [b] You will be removed from the server and clan if you do not register. [/b] After you've completed registration head to the #roles channel and Select the reaction(s) to add Platform Roles to your profile! [b]You will only see LFG (looking for group) and clan channels if you have platform roles.[/b] 5.[u] [b]Apply and Tag Clan Staff: (Required)[/b][/u] PC: Bulletheads TEAM 2: Tag @TEAM 2 Staff in the #team-2 channel Apply here: PSN: Bulletheads DIV 1: Tag @DIV 1 Staff in the #div-1 channel Apply here: See you in the game!

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