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10/23/2019 4:01:43 AM

Nightstalker exotic heavy bow

Exotic Heavy Bow: Name: Lost Ranger’s Rite Precision Frame. Draw Time: 0 Inventory size: 10 "I've had a dozen Hunters ask me why it's so hard to summon a Dusk Bow. I asked 'em what they thought of the Void, and their eyes told me everything. You can't be afraid. That's the secret. No fear." — Tevis Larsen, Intrinsic Perk — Dusk Bow Conduit: This weapon only gains ammo upon activating your Nightstalker Super. Your Super energy is converted into Void Light ammunition for this weapon. Legendary Trait — Fearless Stalker: You are harder to kill while this weapon is loaded and equipped. This weapon fires instantly with no draw or reload time. Kills with this weapon grants invisibility. Catalyst — Blood-trail: Nearby damaged enemies are highlighted through walls.

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