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10/22/2019 4:26:02 PM

Resurrected by Light; active UK PS4/PC clan looking for more active UK players!

New to Destiny 2, just returned for Shadowkeep, or simply looking to find a group of laid back players from the same time-zone who enjoy having a laugh but also like to get things done? We could well be the clan for you. Our clan was established back in Destiny 1, has been active all the way through Destiny 2 and is built around a core of experienced Destiny veterans who love playing the game and the social experience it has become. We play all the game content so whether you’re an experienced player looking for more like-minded gamers to team up with or brand new to clan activities our members are happy to team up with whatever the Bungie dev team come up with. Exotic quests, PVP, Nightmare Hunts, Nightfalls, Raids or new seasonal content we will be playing the lot and are happy to help others achieve their goals. We are always looking to grow our clan numbers because helping each other out has become one of the most rewarding reasons to play Destiny; so we’re looking for other people who enjoy that co-operative spirit when playing. We have a few simple things that we ask all clan members (new or old) to do: - Play during UK/European time-zone hours. - 18+ (we’re a clan for adults who have other responsibilities other than gaming). - Have a mic and use it when you join a voice party. - Join our Clan Discord Server (link sent before you join). - Be an active player – that doesn’t mean you have to play every day just let us know if you are going on holiday or snowed under with life, work, etc. - Clan mates before LFG/Matchmaking (if you have space in your fireteam tell clan members in the Discord – playing together with clan mates is what it’s all about). - Enjoy the game, have a laugh (and some banter) but be respectful to each other. We’re mostly a PS4 UK clan but we know cross-save is here (some of us play on PC!); if you’re a multi-platform player don’t worry we are cross-save friendly/active and would love to have some more PS4/PC crossover players. Destiny has a bright future; come and join us to see where the journey leads.

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