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10/22/2019 12:21:24 PM

[NA][PC] Clan Attero Dominatus is Looking for 3 Others to form Permanent Raid Team

Greeting's O' Guardian Mine, my name is Zaddlebek and I'm the clan leader for Attero Dominatus. Looking to get back into the fun of raiding with a team along side with two of my own clanmates. Now as weird as this will sound we would really like to have the new three people of the team to be new to raids in general cause we wish to do Blind Raids and figure out the mechanics while having fun. That said I want to state we would enjoy it if the three "newbie's" haven't touched a raid ever in Destiny 2 but wish to learn and grow as a team/player. Half the fun of Destiny is playing it with people who are having just as much fun as you. While the other half is the joy of problem-solving mechanics in raids to beat them. Now I do understand that Leviathan (Levi), Eater of Worlds (EoS), Spire of Stars (SoS), Last Wish, Scourge of the Past (SotP), Crown of Sorrow (CoS) & Garden of Salvation (GoS) have been done and videos exists. Yet we want to take people in the raid team through each one Blind and figure it out as a group. Will state this though; After a certain amount of fails might let a hint out about the mechanics of the raid (depending on how we are doing as a whole). The raid team will also not be a forced thing like, "Meet on Saturday night or you'll be sorry!" We at Attero Dominatus want to have fun cause in the end it's a game. We would plan out when everyone would be able to raid and steaming/recordings are welcome in fact! If anyone has questions please leave a message and I'll try my best to respond as soon as possible, Zaddlebek, Master of Hive Arcana & Clan Leader of Attero Dominatus

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