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10/20/2019 1:38:01 PM

Arc Battery Bug

As the description of this Class Mod says: "Grants overshield and reduced cooldown during activation of all Arc class abilities." Sounds great. However, the only ability that activates overshield is the Hunter's Dodge(I'm playing Hunter), and it only grants the described effects under one condition. The abridged and accurate description: "Grants overshield and reduced cooldown during activation of the Arc Class Abilities if it results in reloading the weapon or reactivating the Melee class ability." Basically, you have to have a semi-empty magazine or Melee ability on cooldown with enemies nearby for it to actually do what it is supposed to do. It does not reduce cooldowns for using the melee ability or the grenade. It does not produce overshield either for those two abilities, only the dodge, and it only lasts only the duration of the dodge(~0.5s) This is one of the mods you get from the seasonal artifact. It's disappointing. I am aware that by Class Abilities it means the two types of dodging. As it is working now, it is really a bad mod and I'd like to know what you guys can do to improve it. Particularly, please grant longer overshield, and please fix it so that it always grants cooldown and overshield without requiring weapon reload or melee cooldown restored. Thank you.

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