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(PC 25+)Seasoned By The Nine is recruiting daytime NA or Evening EU players for division 2

Seasoned By The Nine is opening a new division and we are recruiting guardians who are mostly active in the NA daytime or EU Evening hours. We currently have 100 members in our first division. We are a 25 and older clan with EXTREMELY active members and play all PVE and PVP activities. We have a wide variety of members from new guardians to veterans and have constant activity in our clan Discord. In order to gain and maintain membership, you MUST be in the Discord. We use Discord for grouping up, tracking clan xp that awards roles, organizing raid or other group activities and good conversation. I know not everyone likes to talk in the Discord and this is fine, but in order to be accepted into the clan, you have to be in the discord server. [b]Clan page:[/b] [b]Discord:[/b] [b]Steam Group:[/b] Be sure to follow the steps in the read first channel and be sure to register with Charlemagne by typing ;register in the register channel (in our server semicolon is the prefix for Charlemagne not !) . If you are not registered with charlemagne you won't be able to unlock all of the channels in the Discord. Our admins will try to get you approved and answer any questions you have ASAP. If you don't hear from us right away when you request to join, don't worry, we will get with you ASAP. We do this as a hobby and have jobs, kids, etc. so it may take an hour or so to get you approved.

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