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10/19/2019 7:03:35 PM

Titan melee is a joke, right?

Perfectly balanced (oh btw I'm a titan main)


Needs fixing


Other solution (comments)


Very simple query, why is it that a titan can oneshot me with his melee in PvP but any other class takes two melee hits to kill? Sure I get it titan is the tanky strong guy, but this is the crucible, it gives any player that plays titan basically an innate advantage. "shoot them from range then" Technically, yes, until you realise 80% of pvp gameplay is close quarters. in essence, either make the titan's melee only stronger in PvE or if that's not an option make it equal to other classes, and give the class something back for it a buff to base speed or something whatever. just get that melee damage the same across the board because this is just stupidly advantageous to titans, good luck pvp'ing any other class in close quaters without a shotgun as a crutch

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