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10/18/2019 4:14:58 PM

[STEAM] [EU] [+18] GOODTIMES | Discord | Weekly Raids | Events | Tight knit community

-------------------------------About-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]We invite you to become part of a quickly growing great community[/b] of active and friendly gamers. Rather than focussing on becoming a giant community, we remain as small as possible in order to get to know each one another. We started this new clan coming from early 2017 Destiny 2. - Weekly Raids - Weekly Nightfalls - Weekly Strikes - Exotic Gun hunts - PVP and PVE events - Campaign support -------------------------------JoinUs-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) [b]No waiting time![/b] 2) You will get one week to be active in our discord voice channels and Destiny2. 3) Leave a comment telling you joined and upvote the post so we connect you on Discord. -------------------------------Rules-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Minimum activity once a week - Must use mic - no toxicity - No racism - No bullying - Must be +18 atleast. - Be respectful to your members [i]See you in soon in the Destiny 2 universe[/i]

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