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Bearbeitet von Steven: 10/18/2019 12:26:47 PM

[BUG] problem regarding to Quests, Unable to process (and complete) multiple Quests

So.. English is not my mother language, so please forgive my horrible horrible grammar. Alright, so the problem is that, some of the quests are unable to be complete for me, and one for my friend. My guess is that we do the quests in the wrong order. For now, I got two quests have this problem. First is the "Wish-Ender" Because I haven't play destiny 2 for a long time,(I play the game while it just come out on battle.nte) so I have no idea what I'm suppose to do, but I did bough both DLC Anyway, so me and my friend complete "the shattered throne" first, cuz I saw some video about this saying this is the quest to obtain wish-ender, but I didn't watch through it :/ So we completed it, found out we didn't got anything from it (only says we got a talisman while talking to the statue after we kill the boss) so then I ask my friend what's going on. So we go talk to Petra Venj, got the quest (we haven't accept the quests before this), And it says "presents this talisman to an awoken warrior with in the shattered throne" , so than we completed the shattered throne AGAIN, then found our quests is broken= =(i guess) cuz after we complete the dungeon, nothing happened, but on the quest, it also says "talisman presented" :/ Although it says talisman was presented, it didn't tell us what to do next so pretty much the same thing happened to the "shadowkeep" quest, got the quest object(essence anguish), says it's completed, but still didn't show what to do next. Tried spoken to the NPC multiple times, abandon the quest then accept it again, didn't work plz help ;-; This really suck man :/
#Help #gameplay

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