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10/17/2019 4:11:45 AM

[Minor Bug] Binary Pheonix Cape - Clipping Issue

It seems the [b]Binary Pheonix Cloak[/b] for hunters has a small clipping problem located at the cape section. Adding a slight solidify modifier to the mesh might solve this issue, as it would give more room for the torso to clip into the cape [i]without[/i] showing on the other side. If the cape mesh happens to be a 2D plane with an alpha channel texture (which I'm assuming is how you guys made it) then you could try expanding the collision on the cape outward instead. This is obviously a very minor problem, and such I'd assume that this would not be a priority at all. There are probably much more troublesome bugs to be fixed as of writing this, but I thought I'd share this finding anyway.

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