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10/16/2019 6:56:13 AM

Primary ammo energy weapons are a waste of a drop.

With the exception of sidearms I will never use these accursed things, if I wanted two primary weapons I'd use a side arm as that's literally how they're balanced to function. Otherwise I want the power of a special weapon because why the hell wouldn't you? I honestly can't believe there is a significant enough number of people out there using two primary weapons, likely the only time such weapons are actually used is when they're stuck with them in some way, in which case they would want a special ammo kinetic making the whole run around pointless. The way I see it their continued existence is purely out of spite when they tried to force the old two primary weapon system and put snipers, shotguns, and fusion rifles in the power slot. Everything else in the game is lacking in player choice and yet they magically decide to cater to these mysterious two primary weapon users at the detriment of everyone else's drops. Loot in this game is already pretty polluted with unwanted trash, why not remove some of it for once? Or at least convert them to actual usable kinetic weapons.

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