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10/15/2019 1:34:26 PM

Did the 5 Nightfall "Ordeal" runs and got a 750 Power reward?

So I did 4 runs at the lowest difficulty and 1 run at "Hero" for some bounty I had (which completely disappeared afterward, which felt odd to me). I received additional Legendary drops, one which was below my current Power and one which was equal to my current Power (base power minus Artifact buff). But then, I got a Shadowkeep helmet from the chest which I must assume was part of having ran the 5th Nightfall but it dropped at 750 which to me seems like a total glitch. This last run was at the Adept difficulty (750) but the challenge for the activity promises a "Tier One" reward which should drop something like three power levels above what I am, currently, right? Doing the SAME Nightfall 5 times for something so small but then not even getting the promised miniscule bump in Power.... seems to me like Shadowkeep has some issues granting higher power gear. That's the only reason I'm playing, to perhaps prepare for Iron Banner a bit so this is game-breaking. Additionally, Ikora doesn't seem to want to provide the quest that offers her Tier 3 reward for collecting the Vex Chassis parts. I have friends who get it to appear on Tuesday reset but I'm not seeing it. There might be issues there, too. )= Forsaken's grind seemed much more rewarding for time invested. This time around it feels like if you're not able to do 20+ raids per week you don't move much in terms of progressing towards the goal of 950. AND MOST OF US HAVE THREE CHARACTERS!! Waaaaaaaa...... *sniff* )=

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