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10/14/2019 8:49:11 PM

Looking for good PVP/PVE members? Join ThiccGuardian!

Hello! We are looking to recruit new and [u][b]ACTIVE PS4[/b][/u] members for our clan. We have a plethra of active members, that are willing to help with just about anything. We have a few rules though, read em carefully! ————————————————————— 1. Discord use. Discord is mandatory. Use it for fireteam building, social means, creating events, stat checking and more. 2. Play with clanmates! 3. 18+ is Required 4. Do not disrespect clan mates. Please be respectful and practice good online etiquette. 5. Raging or rage quitting is not acceptable. If not having fun, there are other ways to leave the fireteam. 6. Disrespectful, abusi*e, offensive, hateful, se*ist or racial messages in Discord or party chat will result in a warning/removal. We strive for a fun atmosphere! We hope to see you soon! From Clan Admin, -Foxide 🐺
#Clans #active

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