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College Project, Help 3D Modeling a Sparrow

Hello everyone, this is my first post in the forums but I'm not new to Bungie or its games (I've been playing the Halo games since '04). Anyways, I'm in college now, and am taking a 3D modeling class which uses Solidworks software to design mechanical parts and things like that (I'm in the mechanical engineering major). Our final project is to design something we are passionate about that is also significant and complicated enough, so I thought that I would design a Sparrow from Destiny. I thought that perhaps the original S-10 from the first game or any other basic model from either game would do, but I am seeking help to find official images or screenshots that well document the Sparrow model from various angles, such as from directly above, below, and side / front & back views. I would need images like these in order to sketch out the Sparrow so that I have a base framework to use. Now, I don't seek to simply copy any of the Sparrows and submit that as my work, or just download an already made 3D model and turn that in. I just want to hopefully use images of a basic Sparrow to allow me to begin designing the overall shape of the vehicle in Solidworks. The types of angles that I am looking for are similar to the attached image URL, though I am of course looking for more angles like the ones I mentioned before. If anyone can help out, that would be much appreciated! Thank you.

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