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10/11/2019 12:27:54 AM

PC ONLY Noble Gundam Newtypes wants New/veteran players. We want you!! Come Join!

Guardians Rejoice!! is about bringing peace to the Universe. We're a clan for players that LOVE GUNDAMS!! We have a healthy compliment of players that are active in PVE,and PVP. We are currently recruiting to rebuild our community, and bring fresh faces in. Our main aim is to provide an environment for players to grow in skill, and knowledge. In the hopes that they will spread positivity among the ranks. If this seems like the place for you, we would love to have you. All we ask is that you stay active and communicate to help grow the Clan/Community. We Need ADMINS!!! Is that you? Come and join up and help us continue the fight!! Anything is possible. All PC Gamers Welcomed. Help each other achieve personal goals and bounties. PC Only. Please try to be nice to each other. No Negativity, 3 strikes and you are out. A Discord page is being set up at the moment. will post when completed. Sieg Zeon!!

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