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10/10/2019 6:19:49 PM

[PC] Depression Yor [DY] | Friendly, Casual Clan Recruiting

[PC/NA] Depression Yor [DY💀] is Recruiting We are a friendly, casual (for the most part), tight-knit community of friends looking to expand our clan and Discord group for end-game and all content. Raids will be taking place during the weekend at 8PM EST if enough people are interested. If you are looking to participate in a raid all we ask is that you are at least the recommended light level for each raid. If you are not high enough level we are always happy to help clan mates and friends power level. We are mostly active during the evening US time. You are welcome to join the Discord even if you don't intend on joining the clan. If you're looking to make some new friends to play with, learn the raids, and do end-game or any content, you are welcome to join! Discord Group: Clan Page:

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