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10/10/2019 4:41:47 PM

Sensitivity on PC is scuffed

Hello fellow Guardians, I've been playing Destiny since day one and when D2 was released on PC I immediately jumped on it. Since then I've playing a lot was always following Bungie, hoping for the best, which now with Shadowkeep, came to a perfect point. But I still have one big problem with the game: Sensitivity (on PC) Recently I got a lot into competetive play on other FPS games as well since I started practicing my aim a lot I was very sad to hear that I'm not able to have the same sensitivity in Destiny like in my other games. Unless I change my DPI which is way beyond me and still won't be perfect. So I'm asking, is there any way to change the sensitivity precisely? Or can we maybe hope for a change on that? Having atleast the option to do it in the config would do it for me, it doesn't even have to be in the menu... I'm really hoping that Bungie could maybe respond to this if it's possible and maybe something they'll look at. With all the new F2P players coming, I can see this beeing an issue for some of them as well :/

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