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10/9/2019 10:29:19 PM

I'm having a glitch with Destiny 2's New Light mission.

I recently downloaded the game on to my Xbox One due to it becoming free to play. My friend REALLY wanted me to get it so I decided to try it out. I go through the first mission like normal until you need to pick up the ship. When I go to find the ship where I'm initially supposed to fight enemies the ship is not there and there are no enemies to fight and then moments after I get disconnected with the error code "cabbage" and I have to reset the entire game and sometimes even my entire Xbox so I can get back in to the game again. I've tried reinstalling it with no avail and even changing characters and I've also reset my router several times with no luck, I also strangely cannot find any info about this issue online either. Could anyone help me with this? If so I'd love to know. What I'm meant to see.

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