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10/9/2019 4:04:36 PM

[NA | PC | 20+] Generic Clan Name 1's Generic Clan Recruitment Post

[b]Generic Clan Name 1[/b] Just a group of generic dudes looking for other generic dudes to fill out some raid teams and do generic stuff. We mainly raid and do other endgame PvE activities - some PvP mixed in. [i]Here are some generic requirements:[/i] Previous Raid Experience (preferably cleared every raid prior to GoS multiple times) 930 PL minimum Be able to use Google Able to use the proper your/you're/ur Must have multiple brain cells (however, exceptions can be made) Reading-ability optional Age: 21+ Location: NA (Eastern/Central US preferably) We'll play other games from time to time. [b]DM on bungie or send a generic DM on Discord to jBert#0001 if interested (Discord required, obviously).[/b]

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