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Bearbeitet von TractionDistract: 10/8/2019 11:05:56 PM

Destiny 2 - Escalation Protocol frustration...

So having coming from Xbox to pc and having to start fresh again as I could not import my progress, I'm working to grind back the gear I used to have. I have tried over and over, I got the ikelos weapons on the first few tries of EP, but now it's like almost impossible since this was my 37th try. (Or that they have probably stopped dropping) Just when I thought it had dropped one, seeing the legendary Engram from the boss I was hyped, excited for it... But when I picked it up it was just a legendary rocket launcher, which just broke my heart since all the players left after, it's hard to find randoms that will stick for all 7 levels. I'm almost begging for it now, trying over and over again it's just soul destroying.

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