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10/8/2019 7:44:05 PM

It's Just a Game, Darn It, So Let’s Have Some Fun - [XB1]

Afraid of those scary clans who want you to have a 2.0 k/d and have 300+ raid completions? That's not us, join us today and enjoy a nice casual hands-off approach of being in a clan. Just play the game and enjoy the perks that being in a clan provides. "[url=]Players in Many Places[/url]" is just a fun-loving group of people who actually enjoy playing games, and sometimes it's even better when you have others to do it with! It can also be rewarding just knowing that your progress is helping other people and that when you log in next, you'll have rewards from your clan members' playing. Easy as that! Don't overcomplicate things, join [b]"[url=]Players in Many Places[/url]"[/b] today and get your week one rewards in the Season of the Drifter! Join us in our [url=]Discord Channel[/url] if you feel like being social...

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