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Anyone Else Think Golden Gun Hunter's Kit Needs A Little More Oomph?

I'm a casual player that's been playing for since launch, and Golden Gun Hunter is what I use almost exclusively, It's my favourite Super, I love it thematically, and just how it works in general. (This is all from the perspective of a slightly more the casual PvE player, I do some PvP, but it's less about that.) But more recently I've been feeling it's falling off compared to the other Specs/Classes, and even too it's own Blade Barrage. Every other kit right now feels like it flows with it self, all the other hunter specs feel so great out of super, (Like the way that with BB's Kit, you can take Gambler's dodge, and the burning mechanics work with it really well), or and the classes my friends play have super wicked passives, (Like void titan's healing bombs, not sure what it's called), and I feel like both the Golden Gun specs lack that same flow/power. On top of that, they have only have 1 exotic that really effects it in anyway, Which happens to be my favourite exotic, but even then it feels like more of a trade off then a it does a buff/bonus (less orbs, less shots, plus it only really work with 1 of the 2 Golden Gun options), and it takes up my exotic slot to do it! meanwhile the other classes like my friends void warlock with things like Nezarec's Sin, and things like void hunter with it's Orpheus Rig, have these crazy exotics that give the super a huge buff! or the gun play in some crazy way. It just feels like Golden gun gets the short end of the stick, but maybe that's just me being crazy and mad over nothing. I'd still love to see the kit get a bit of a face lift, and Celestial Nighthawk get a small change, but it's unlikely this will even be seen, thanks for reading, I'd really like to hear what other people think about this some topic.

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