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Tether is still mediocre.

[i]*small wall of text, honest thoughts tl;dr at bottom*[/i] So when I read that tether registration was getting "improved," being a player who mains exclusively nightstalker I was excited. After playing numerous games here are my thoughts. Directly Hitting someone in a roaming super that throws objects will almost always result in you dying. I've seen hammer titans throw 2-3 extra hammers after getting hit, some even coming out after they have been removed from their super animation. Same for dawnblade Other roaming supers are slightly better. But marginally. Unless I'm very far away a FOH can still usually get another shoulder charge in. Same goes for pretty much every other super. A swing or two from blade supers. Nova warp will go off and do damage when tethered usually destroying the tether altogether. Stormtrance still tickles my balls, I'm sure you get the point. I know pre-firing is a thing, trust me I do it fairly often. But sometimes a direct hit is the only thing that works in situation you don't have time to pre-fire. What I'm trying to get at is the hit registration and tether speed of direct hits is still really not that great. Especially because suppressor grenades do a better job then tether does. The buff to bottom tree is sweet. Super fun in pve. But please, hit reg. still kinda blows tl;dr : direct hit suppression with nightstalker is still stinky poo poo

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