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10/7/2019 12:13:59 PM

Blind Raid Year 2+ Content! EU based!

Hi, I am currently in the process of looking for people who might be interested in [b][u]running raids blind[/u][/b] (meaning without looking up tactics or any information about the raid beforehand). I'm currently in a group of 2 Hunters and potentially 1 Titan, and we are playing on the [b][u]EU server[/u][/b]. The Titan player and I have previous experiance in raiding blind, since we ran through all of year 1 content. The other Hunter player is a fresh face to Destiny in general, but he's catching on very fast. What I'm hoping to find are other players that are after the [b][u]feeling of accomplishment[/u][/b] and holding an interested in clearing the content from [u]Forsaken (year 2)[/u] and future content that comes with [u]Shadowkeep[/u] (adding in year 1 content too, if people are interested, but hard for me to run it blind when I know exactly what to do). I could most likely write a lot more, information of how it would work and what not, but I do hope that if you have any questions you'd ask them to me either through steam, or in here! Thank you for your time! Reptution

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