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Would you want this feature? (Icon to show willing to assist?)

With the free release of Destiny and influx of new players to the old and new content, I've wondered if maybe a social tool or feature could be implemented to the game to indicate a player's willingness to help random players met in the world. I say this because a lot of new Guardians may not have a huge list of friends, or some of them may be a part of a new group of players already, that just need help with some of the more complicated tasks. So I ask to you the player, what if there was an option to have an icon next to your name in the open world, that indicated you would be willing to be invited to assist with tasks? If you are a new player, would you enjoy to having something like this available for you to see in the open world? I just imagined doing this would - in some cases - make it easier for new Guardians to find assistance in the open world, or it would even just allow for an easier and slightly more seamless starting point for those who may be seeking to connect to either players or a group in the open world of Destiny. I feel like it would also contribute toward minimizing the need to visit the forums to request help from those who are willing to help out, and instead making the process more immediate through the actually game, which I sort of assume is something people may be more partial to. Yes, no?

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