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10/4/2019 10:22:13 PM

Trials armor in the trailer might not have been a mistake

I was looking at Destiny Tracker to view some of the new items because it's easier than looking through each tab in the collections. When viewing armor, I noticed that it included the armor that had been updated to 2.0. The thing that surprised me was the inclusion of the Trials armor sets and the Faction Rally armor sets. I first thought that it was a mistake because, to be honest, Destiny Tracker is really glitchy. Upon inspecting them though I found that they even had the slots for 2.0. If you think it's just a UI change for the website you can also find the 1.0 version separately. This means that, while they can't be earned at the moment, these sets have been updated which means that these activities might come back sooner than we think. It could also have been added it while they were doing the others so don't have to do it later. Also, there's an unused version of the year one Crucible armor set that was supposed to release in Season of Opulence. I'm glad that Bungie at least has started in game work on bringing the stuff instead of just putting it off as usual. Also, regarding the armor in the trailer. Since there's a 2.0 version of the armor. the promotional team might have chosen the ones in the files. That means that they were still technically playing with these 2.0 variants. Trials Helmet with 2.0: Dead Orbit Helmet with 2.0: New Monarchy Helmet with 2.0: Future War Cult Helmet with 2.0: Unused Season 7 Phoenix armor remake: Here's the year one version of the Trials helmet to prove that these are separate: Random Fact: Gambit Chrome is actually the unused Forsaken trials shader. There's another shader in the files with the same picture called Regard of the Nine. [spoiler]Watch as all the negative players start rushing in. Maybe even @Odin will comment. That'd be epic.[/spoiler]

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