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Bearbeitet von FdYAcsoyPKN83gLE: 9/30/2019 4:27:31 AM

Anyone remember this glitch or video where you became a god?

Essentially, it took place on Mars in the buried city area where the entrance to the train/transit tunnels are. In the video, this boundary break/glitch guy with the help of two friends essentially used a series of glitches where he did a “constantly loading / infinite invisibility glitch” and a “cloning glitch” by boundary breaking a bit by running on top a tunnel’s ceiling and exploiting how the game loaded instances. I am having a hard time remembering the specific details but the end result was that he was both infinitely and completely invisible (could not be seen any enemy and even us), invincible, and could even KILL fellow guardians (IN A PATROL ZONE)! However, I think his channel was deleted and including most of his amazing glitching and out of bounds videos! He glitches into a lot of places you could think of through “sparrow flying” or “titan sword gliding” and also expierenced some strange phonama in the game.

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