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9/24/2019 10:14:10 PM

PRIMEVAL PRIME Emblem dropped, but is locked on my collections.

Title. I'm on PC using my cross saved account. I have provided the video when the emblem dropped for me, and images from my collections and DIM that say it's unlocked, but I cannot "reacquire" it, it didn't dropped to my inventory, it wasn't full at the time of the drop, it wasn't on the postmaster, log out didn't worked, changing characters, or waiting for the reset (dunno why, but I tried). I also tried to play/win another round/game after that, the only option I have left is to encounter Meatball again. I know is an emblem, It's a small thing, but since I first saw it I fell in love with it and is annoying to finally "have" it, but, not really. That's why I recorded the moment in the first place :p so now is handy to have proof. Thanks for the support! P.S. the Emblem drop appeared a fraction of a second and, after that, all the other rewards, I did rank up on that match if it helps.

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