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Bearbeitet von fringe_123: 9/24/2019 1:19:25 PM

PS4 UK/EU clan The Lunar Pack is recruiting

We're a newly formed ADULT clan comprising well established members from D1 as well as D2. We are UK/EU based and would prefer our members to be within this timezone as it makes gameplay and organising events much easier. We are an endgame clan and enjoy all aspects of the game that Destiny has to offer including gambit and raids and are looking to swell our numbers for Shadowkeep and beyond. We are an all inclusive clan and particularly welcome female and LGBTQ+ members. DISCORD is mandatory as is the ability to have a laugh and take the proverbial! If you require further information about us, please send me a DM or if you like the look of us then please request to join. Thanks 😸

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