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Getting back into this game pre-Annual Pass, need advice

Hey guys been a while since I geared up my guardian & booted up this game. I got through most of the Forsaken content except it’s raid. Fought off hordes at the Blind Well, participated in the Gambit sinking hours worth of motes into that damn bank, & even went through nightfall coming out on top (considering nightfalls were my weakness). SO, where do I begin? After hearing the Annual Pass is now free for us I’d figure why not check all the new stuff out before Shadowkeep. Btw my main issue currently is having all this downgraded gear since day 1. Scrapped most but no clue what to do with my 550+ since the cap got raised. I remember enhancement cores being a real drag trying to farm back then so please let me know what to do. All advice/insight regarding the Black Armory, Gambit Prime, etc. is definitely welcome & extremely helpful! Appreciate the feedback fellow guardians

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