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Bearbeitet von Joan_of_Boat: 9/17/2019 10:34:10 AM

Here are tips if you want Bungie to REALLY hear and maybe even do for you:

1. Don't complain to Bungie on the weekends or holidays. Bungie people go to the pub or see their families. ( 2. Bungie people prefer to use reddit over for good reasons as its a better platform to keep track of feedback or find posts, and it's less of a salt mine compared to (Have an account on 3. Don't try to criticize them or call them idiots. They are more likely to actually listen to you if you treat them with respect, and are interested in or helping them. (People usually act defensive or stubborn if you criticize them. Just don't act "company worshiping"). 4. Use what you can to get on top without making a mess. (Make rational points that are in everyone's interest, ask your close friends to upvote you, and etc)

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