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G4G Recruiting [Xbox][NA][EU]

XBOX - G4G HYDRA and G4G Andromeda- XBOX Guardians for Guardians recruiting for new Xbox division. Rapidly growing! Come join us today. Guardians For Guardians are a community lead group with a number of successful and active PC PS4 and XBOX divisions (400+ members) already combined. Our XBOX division is currently adding some new faces to join. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned raid veteran, a weekly flawless trials player or a player who only bought the game last week and is looking for help getting through a nightfall or strike, we are the guardians you’re looking for. Our goal is to foster a strong community spirit, we believe this is done through active participation in clan events and communication, be it the aforementioned raid, crucible or strikes, G4G offer all players who wish for something more than a weekly engram a place at its table. We offer events throughout the week that include all activities. Not seeing what you want for an event? We got you covered with requests. Just simply request what you want and a time and we will do our best to make it happen! We are not interested in players who simply wish to tag hop or sit back each week for engrams and as such, we make a few simple requests of all prospective members which are intended to encourage engagement. We do cleanups regularly for member who don’t participate in discord or events. 1. Like this topic 2.Be the age of 16 or older 3 G4G Andromeda: 4. Join our Discord: So, if you want to be part of a vibrant, healthy and most importantly, active Destiny clan, Guardians For Guardians is a good place to be. We will not abandon you, we will not leave you high and dry. Eyes up, Guardian.. Cross Save welcomed! Come join the fun..

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