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9/18/2019 1:17:07 AM

Can't log into game, cursor issue

Did today's update as you would before logging on, was excited to do my iron banner for the quest line since it's the final one and this happened. I can't move the mouse outside of the top left quadrant on my screen, can't log in, can't get to settings, can't even click the options I'm selecting in game, I have to use my keyboard for that. Unsure what the issue is but I've launched my game three times trying to see if it was just a launch issue. I also didn't have my game in full-screen last time I played the game but it launched in full-screen on its own, unsure if that's related to the issue or not. There has also been a windows update since I last played that screwed with some things and unsure if that could also be related.
#Help #gameplay

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