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@BungieHelp0 [u]HACKERS LIST [/u] [b]CHEATERS- FREE WINNERS- DDoSSers - PVP COMPETITIVE (CRUCIBLE - HACKERS)[/b] [b][u]HELP!!! BUNGIE [/u][/b] [REDACTED] [b]VIDEO[/b] [REDACTED] [b]IMAGES[/b] [REDACTED] Ninja Edit: [spoiler]I've taken the liberty of removing the account names of the person(s) who you stated were cheating. [url=][u]Bungie takes reports and game bans VERY seriously[/u][/url], and so they carefully research those reports against their server logs for actual shenanigans (cheating/exploits). If those reports and the investigation bear fruit, the cheaters will be dealt with. But things like making a vid, creating a topic, and/or naming them here on the forums serves no purpose and has no benefit. [b]If you have used [u][url=]the in-game report tool[/url][/u], then you've done your part. And thank you for doing so.[/b] For those who want to take the extra step, or were kicked from the game (and are unable to access the reporting tool),Bungie has created a [u][url=]Cheating Submission Form[/url][/u] that allows players to find the PGCR (Post Game Carnage Report) from their personal history, fill out an official report, describe the cheating, and even link a vid (if they have one). [b]Please feel free and encouraged to use this tool, [u]but pay close attention to the warnings on the form[/u][/b]. * If you are not confident that a player was cheating, do not use this form. * Abuse of this contact form may result in account restrictions. * Fraudulent reports and submissions unrelated to cheating may result in disciplinary actions against your account. [url=][u]Click here for more information[/u][/url] Please note: this is not a sort of censorship and me or other ninjas are not defending cheaters in any way. Please use the report tool for the best result.[/spoiler]

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