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9/16/2019 10:07:40 PM

Blind Well Tier IV - Ogre

If after all this time, you're level 50 and you STILL don't know that you're supposed to defeat the major enemies that spawn to the left and right of the ogre with the invulnerability overshield and then pick-up the relics that spawn and then throw them to your fellow players to charge the relics and take-down the shield in one-to-two hits then you are absolutely stupid as hell and shouldn't be doing the Blind Well at all. For some reason, this is still the one that so many players don't understand what to do. First or second time, depending on if you were playing solo or with friends, then I can totally understand why you wouldn't know what's up. But now? No. Honestly, no excuse that every time I've ever gone into the Tier IV with the Ogre boss that nobody other than me knows what to do. It just happened. Everyone was level 50 and half of them were shooting at the Ogre with the shield. I was the only one to get the relics and I was the only one trying to pass it to charge it. Everyone else? Shooting the immune ogre. That's not a joke. That's what this group of random morons were doing. Second attempt at the relics? Manage to pass one. Guy runs around like he has no idea what he's got. Finally figures out it's part of the puzzle, if you can even call something as "pick-up, pass and throw" a puzzle, and guess what? Hey! The shield dropped immediately and we killed it. I just cannot believe how stupid most players still are at things I know they've done multiple times by now and still...STILL...don't know what to do. Y'all be stupid. Really, really stupid. It's baffling. I know some of you share this pain. End rant.

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