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9/16/2019 5:39:59 PM

(Xbox One, D2) Swish-And-Flick (Level 6, 85+ members) is recruiting! (18+ only)

Still needing an [b]XBOX ONE[/b] clan in Destiny 2? We are level 6, 85+ members strong, with room for a little more! We are a good mix of members with varying play times (mostly U.S. and UK time zones) looking for more age 18+ guardians! [b]Swish-and-Flick[/b] is a clan dedicated to laid back, fun times looking cool with a sword! Check out our clan page: [url][/url] [b][u]Swish-and-Flick Clan Commandments[/u][/b] - Thou shall uphold dedication to those who love using swords - Thou shall acknowledge the sad truth that usage of guns is sometimes necessary - Thou shall be part of a super casual, laid back group of gamers - Thou shall be serious when necessary, but understand that Destiny is a game which should always be fun! - Thou shall be mature, have common sense, enjoy sarcastic adult humor and discussing Bungie's sometimes questionable game-design decisions - Thou shall practice their swishing and flicking skills as often as possible, but... - Thou shalt not be pressured into playing 24/7 - we all have lives outside of the game here! [b][u]Basic Expectations:[/u][/b] - Age 18+ only - We are a casual clan, there is no expectation that everyone be playing 24/7, however, when you ARE playing, occasional monitoring and usage of Clan Chat IS expected (via the site, app, or Discord)! This is how we recruit for things and play together. - Active at least once every 2 weeks. If you're inactive for 14+ days, you may end up losing your spot as I'll potentially need to utilize it for someone who is more active than that. Historically, I've commonly let inactivity slide into the 20+ day range but just know that 14 days is the rule if we are strapped for space with others wanting to join. I think that's pretty fair. [b][u]How to join Swish-and-Flick[/u][/b] COMMENT and UPVOTE this post for an invite if this sounds good to you! [b]Do NOT simply apply to the clan without posting here.[/b] Looking forward to playing with you all and making new friends! And remember, it's LevioSAHHHHHH! Thanks for looking! - Hydrilus

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