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9/15/2019 7:08:18 PM

Weird Invader glitch in Gambit?

I dunno what just happened. So we are losing. I get heavy and go Invade(Regular Gambit btw), and as soon as I go in I notice a lack of names. I run to the Primeval and see one guy running away, so I fire at him with my heavy. Nothing happens. He keeps running, then running into a wall, then disappears. As in, full despawn wispy animation. I figured he lagged out. I find another guy, and manage to kill him with my heavy. I still don't see any other names anywhere either. Primeval is still taking damage from... somewhere. I run around looking. Panning camera everywhere. To their spawn, around the map, Primeval, etc. And nothing. The guy I killed with heavy respawns. And I cant get him again until I am sent back. Shortly after enemy team kills their Primeval. Anyone else experience this? Invisible players? My connection is 300down 20up btw and I use a wired connection.

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