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9/15/2019 9:44:28 PM

The reason why Waldo hides alt

Become a FOE… join Frenzy of The East Star! [PvP 1.5+ ka/d] [Discord required] [1000+ FOES] [18+] [PS4]

Shadowkeep is coming... Join FOES now, and be ready! Here at FOES we pride ourselves on being an active clan. We’ve been running for 4 years and have grown to be a community of 13 clans, including our PvP clan Frenzy of The East Star. Frenzy was created for members who want to focus on bringing chaos to Crucible, requiring a 1.5 or above ka/d to join, it’s built with the very best PvP players. As a member of Frenzy you’ll… *easily find fireteams of like minded and skilled players *earn the new season pinnacle weapons without solo queuing *join up for private matches and hone your PvP skills *participate in our clan PvP tournament- [url=]Skirmish of The East Star[/url] And if you do feel like a little PvE… our other clan members are waiting! You’ll be able to access the weekly raid schedule, activities schedule and contests. So come [url=]Join Frenzy[/url] now. [url=]FOES Website[/url] Instagram; [url=]foesofdestiny[/url] The FOES Family; First of The East Star Fangs of The East Star Fury of The East Star Fate of The East Star Fear of The East Star Force of The East Star - EU Frenzy of The East Star - PvP Fray of The East Star Fable of The East Star Foxes of The East Star Fame of The East Star Fight of The East Star Fallen of The East Star [New members are required to join our discord channel] [Must be aged 18 or over] Cheers, Museumofdragons FOES Founder

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