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The Raid Revive System

It really needs to change. I’d say one of the underlying issues in Raids is that there aren’t as many hero moments any more because every time there’s an opportunity for a fireteam to 2 man the remainder of the encounter they get wiped because of the timer. Go back to the old system or at least just remove the wipe timer. Edit: All the "Get Good" and "Don't Die" posts obviously completely missed the point of this post, because if they had taken a second to read and understand they would have realized I'm calling for Bungie to stop force wiping an entire team because of a slip up and to let the remaining fireteam make the call whether to wipe or try and clutch. D1 Hard Mode Raids made you improvise when things didn't go according to plan. Someone die across the bridge in Crota? Welp, we have to improvise, fill in the gaps and try and keep going. Did the blessing for some reason not transfer during Totems and someone died? Better try and fill in fast. In D1 Bungie gave us room for error and the ability for the best raid teams to adapt and overcome mistakes. Now, the entire team gets wiped because of a timer. Look a Gahlrans Deception, perfect example of potential hero moments if someone dies and can't be revived. The living partner has to poentially avoid Gahlran, take out the witches and ogre, and transfer buff all by himself. Completely possible, but because of Time constraints the entire fireteam goes down. If anything it takes less skill for Bungie to wipe everyone than to try and clutch.

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