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9/14/2019 8:08:10 PM

[PS4] Small, friendly, and inclusive clan for easy-going adults who focus on fun

Our clan is currently a small group of friends who have been playing together since Taken King in Destiny 1. We would like to bring in some new members so we can always have clan members to play with, while still keeping the clan small enough that we can all be friends and get to know each other on a more personal level. [b]A summary of us:[/b] -usual playtimes are 5-9 PM pacific on weekdays and any time on weekends -we are all adults with jobs, some of us with kids, so we understand life priorities -we enjoy a mix of PvE and PvP, though PvE is more of the focus -we regularly raid and do challenging endgame content -several of us enjoy competitive PvP and play crucible regularly -we value friendship, fun, and helpfulness over skill level or competency -we use Discord and try to schedule events and activities at least a few hours, often days, in advance -female gamers and older gamers are very welcome [b]What we are looking for:[/b] -someone who is patient, friendly and willing to help your fellow clan members -calm and level-headed in whatever mode we are playing -good communicator, both inside and outside the game [b]What we are hoping to accomplish:[/b] -regularly complete raids and any new endgame content -have a group that goes into new raids completely blind together -gain supportive members willing to help each other complete pinnacle quests and the other more challenging activities -have some members who enjoy playing crucible and competitive modes -have an inclusive and supportive clan that allows everyone to feel comfortable and safe If you feel like our clan might fit what you are hoping to get out of your Destiny experience, send a DM to [b][i]AryaOfGryffindor#1075[/i][/b] on Discord or [b][i]AryaOfGryffindor[/i][/b] on PSN and we can schedule a gaming session to get to know you.

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