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9/14/2019 5:38:48 PM

[PC] [EU] [RΣGICIDΣ Clan Recruitment]│Shadowkeep Prep│Season of Opulence│Crown Of Sorrow│The Menagerie│Sherpas│Exotic Quests│

RΣGICIDΣ [ЯΣ] "Read the text below and join our discord for approval. Thanks!" Welcome to the RΣGICIDΣ Clan! We have some simple steps for you to follow if you want to join our clan. - Join our discord with the link below. You have 24 hours to join from the time you've applied on this website. - Once on discord you should now be on the 'member-approval' text channel. Please follow the pinned instructions on that channel. This is mandatory to get access and to get accepted into the Clan. Some more minor but IMPORTANT requirements: - Minimum age of 18 or over. Be mature! - Be ACTIVE on Discord. We have put much love in making it great and it's our first point of contact for events, etc. - We banter often but don't be toxic. - Must have Shadowkeep AND Annual pass in prep for Season 8. We are an active clan dedicated to helping other players and having fun! We focus on ALL aspects of the game, so no matter what your preference is, we have a home for you! Exotic quests are a specialty! Have fun!

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