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9/13/2019 5:46:42 PM

EVOLUTION [PS4] Clan Endgame PvE & PvP is Recruiting!

Adult 18 & Over, Elite Gaming Clan. However Casuals are Accepted and Embraced . No Skill Gap or Stats barrier . We Help Those Who are Willing To Learn and those who seek it .We Indulge in all Aspects of the game PvE & PvP related .You’ll find no Limitations here From Raids, Quests , and Gambit . To other members who embrace the Intense Thrills of Competitive Crucible.This Clan was est. 2015 The core members have years of experience playing together . Admins are online almost Daily. We Raid Every Week Mon-Thurs 8-9pm EST. We may always strive to get the W but we laugh it off and keep moving from losses. Invite only Clan , Mic Is Required , Destiny Companion and PSN Communities Apps are Mandatory. No Clan Hopping , Rage Quitting , Chat Spam , or Hate Speech is tolerated. So Guardian Are You With Us or Against Us? - E V O L U T I O N Check out our #Destiny2 clan!

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