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9/12/2019 6:35:51 PM

Niobes Torment - Failure Level 7

Me and my friends have been doing Niobes Torment for 4 days now, we consistently get to level 7 and are doing everything we should be as far as we are aware. I am using this guide from reddit: MG Player - stand on Hand, switch to Solar shoot: + U L F B E R H + T Bow Player switch to Arc - Stand on Butterfly, shoot: Trees - Missive Stand on Daybreak, shoot: Heart - Heart - Trees - Wings Sniper Player - Switch to Void Stand on Tiger, shoot: Fish - Lotus - Temple Stand on Dragon, shoot: Arch - Rabbit - Bamboo - Temple We have double checked fish we have double checked our weapons, nothing is working we have "completed" level 7 probably about 5 or 6 times now and we keep wiping, what are we doing wrong? and if nothing how do we get this emblem seen as we have done everything right.

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