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7/13/2019 9:02:54 PM

Issue with competitive game disconnection

Good day. I have a problem with competitive mode in crucible. All coop modes are playable withou any issues an everything's fine, but when I'm comming to competitive crucible - I'm always disconnected in something like two minutes. In addition to this incredibly annoying problem (i've tried to play compets like once in two weeks), when I tried again today, my game lagged in watcher's mode after first round and right before it's end, I've been dc'd again! And there's more: now I've been banned access to crucible (for example in quick matches i've never been disconnected, as well as in gambit or other activities). 1. I've lost all my rank in compet crucible 2. I've lost ability to play my favorite mode ... and that's all because of unknown issue. Bungie, wtf? Why should I pay for game, tha punishes me for it's developer's mistakes? (aaand i have no issues with connection/latency/package loss in other co-op games, like League of Legends/Warframe) Please: 1. fix this god damned issue 2. give players a possibility to submit their bug reports, erros or issues not on forum (what if I don't want all the comunity to watch my back is burning) 3. focus on crucible and give users ability to reconnetc to compet games, if you can't fix your own game 4. give me back my rank points or, if there's no possibility to fix this game's connection problems: give me back my money. Thanks for attention. (And one more thing: your tag list here is broken and error message is not revealing the real form filling proproblem.)

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